Pastor Robert L. Walker, Jr. received his call into the ministry in March of 1987 two years after he accepted the Lord in his life.  He immediately began working in the ministry as an Associate Minister, Director of BTU, Sunday School Teacher of the men’s class, Director of Vacation Bible School, and visiting inmates in the prison ministry.  His greatest love is teaching.  Upon receiving his call into the ministry and finding what God had called him to do, he entered school at the D Edwin Johnson Baptist Institute an extension of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  After many years of study, Pastor Walker worked diligently and received his degree in Pastoral Ministry.  He continued his study and enrolled at Dallas Baptist University to further his studies in Pastoral Ministry and to be faithful and work continuously in the areas that God had faithfully called him to for the next 20 years. 

After some time he began to have a desire and calling from God to teach people to know God’s Son, to apply God’s Word, to grow in God’s grace and fulfill God’s purpose.  After much prayer and seeking the Lord he began Mountain Creek Fellowship Baptist Church on June 5th 2005 at the Hyman Elementary School Cafetorium with his family.   Because of his great love and gifting for teaching, he started Bible study at the Mountain Creek Public Library on Saturday morning to begin to teach God’s people.  We later moved to the Duncanville Public Library where we met on Saturday’s and Wednesday’s for Bible study.  From that time the church began to grow and he began baptizing new converts at the YMCA in Grand Prairie, Texas and Arlington, Texas.  He always maintained in prayer to seek God for a place that God’s people could call their own.  In March of 2006, he found 119 East Danieldale.  He had many obstacles in pursuing this building with going before the city council to get a zoning ordinance to have church in this building.  After paying the money to get an ordinance change we were approved to move into the building.  He came back to the congregation to let us know that we were ready to move and after that he went to the building to find that someone else was moving in to occupy the building.  Knowing that God had not forgotten his labor of love, in December of 2006 the Lord blessed him to move the congregation from Hyman Elementary school to 1111 South Main Street in Duncanville, Texas for the next three years.  He continued to Pastor and lead God’s people to become Disciples of Christ and people began to catch the vision that he received from the Lord.  Two years after being here and remaining faithful to the Lord the owner of the building at 119 East Danieldale contacted him and told him he would like to meet with him.  They met and the Lord blessed him during that meeting to receive all the money he had previously spent to get the building and the owner wanted again to speak with him about purchasing the building.  Because he believed that God had always intended for him to be here he considered the offer again.   He went to God in prayer and God began to speak to him again about moving His people.  With a much better proposal than he received before God along with Pastor Walker’s obedience lead us back to 119 East Danieldale where we presently reside.