Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

What a wonderful privilege it is to see the hand of God at work in the lives of His people.  I consider it an honor to lead God's people to a place where we all can be tremendously blessed.  When I started this journey I could never imagine how God could do the miracles and perform among us the many things He has so graciously done.  To Him alone be the glory!  I'm amazed at how He has blessed us to do mega ministry with a remnant of people and how we have maintained a consistent perseverance toward the things of God.  It is amazing to look back and see how God has blessed, provided and opened doors for us every step of the way.  The faithfulness of God's people can produce so much more than we can ever imagine.  I have personally experienced what Nehemiah meant when he said, "for the people had a mind to work".  As we continue to move forward, let us always remember to be faithful to God in all things (church, family, relationships) so that others will continue to see our light and will desire that same light Jesus has given to us.  God bless us all in everything we put our hands to and desire to do.  I love each of you.  


Your servant in Christ,   


Pastor Walker